Full-time MBA

Narumi Hashimoto

Narumi Hashimoto
Class of 2017

Before I began my MBA journey, I had worked in the management consulting industry in Japan for more than four years. In particular, I managed management accounting projects and business process reengineering projects.

At HKU MBA, I experienced a lot of new things every day. My classmates came from all over the world, including but not limited to, mainland China, India, the United States and Germany. This environment led me develop leadership skills with future business leaders in Asia.

After I finished my MBA, I moved to Shanghai. I am working now at a Japanese management consulting firm’s Shanghai affiliate. I am creating the IT strategy and localising the business architecture for Japanese companies’ Shanghai branches. If I had not experienced the diverse culture of HKU MBA, I would not have adapted and accustomed myself to the new environment in mainland China to lead Chinese colleagues and clients.

Industry: International Trade & Development
Company: Mitsubishi Corporation
Job Title: Digital Business Development Consultant