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Dr. Lilian Chan
Accounting and Law
Associate Professor

Dr. Chan’s research interests include archival financial accounting and auditing, specifically in the areas of financial reporting quality, corporate disclosure, corporate governance, and investor trading behaviour. One of her research projects is in the area of clawback provisions, which investigates the effects and consequences of clawback adoptions in terms of financial reporting quality and investment behavior. Her research has been cited by the SEC and covered in numerous international press releases including CFO.com, Accounting Today, Thomson Reuters, Financial Director, and National Law Review. Her publication was featured in the monthly press release by American Accounting Association (AAA).

Academic & Professional Qualification
PhD UT-Dallas

Intermediate Financial Accounting II (Undergraduate)
Accounting for Business Decisions (MBA)

Research Interest
Financial reporting quality
Corporate governance
Selected Publications
Substitution between Real and Accruals-Based Earnings Management after Voluntary Adoption of Compensation Clawback Provisions with K. Chen, T. Chen, and Y. Yu, January 2015, The Accounting Review, Vol. 90, pp. 147-174.
The Effects of Firm-initiated Clawback Provisions on Bank Loan Contracting with K. Chen and T. Chen, December 2013, Journal of Financial Economics, Vol 110(3), pp.659-679
The Effects of Firm-initiated Clawback Provisions on Earnings Quality and Auditor Behavior with K. Chen, T. Chen, and Y. Yu, October 2012, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol 54(2), pp. 180-196
Reexamining the Relation Between Audit and Non-Audit Fees: Dealing With Weak Instruments in Two-Stage Least Squares Estimation with T. Chen, S. Janakiraman, and S. Radhakrishnan, lead article, July 2012, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Vol. 27(3), pp. 299-324

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