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HKU MBA Students and Alumni Commentary

Bhavya Siddappa (Class of 2022)
Getting inspiration from the HKU MBA Alumni
Vincci Mok (Class of 2022)
The basic principles for successful project management
William Wong (Class of 2018)
How To Master Your Skills In Badminton
Mahesh Dumbre (Class of 2011)
10 lessons learnt from evaluating 500+ global early-stage startups
Alison Cai (Class of 2021)
Opportunities For Synergy In The Education Industry Of The GBA
Jake Zheng and Dylan Gao (Class of 2020)
Meet with young entrepreneurs - Jake and Dylan
Angela Black (Class of 2019)
How to sell yourself when changing jobs?
Muhammed Manko (Class of 2021)
Nigeria, the Giant of Africa
Veleka Sweeting (Class of 2021)
Now or Never: Exploring new Paths
Joerg Riebel (Class of 2021)
MBA – a worthwhile learning journey