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William Wong (Class of 2018)

How To Master Your Skills In Badminton

William Wong (Class of 2018)

The HKU MBA badminton tournament is a flagship event among the MBA community. The 2021 tournament kicked off on the 27th of June, 2021 at the HKU Flora Ho Sports Centre. Today we meet William Wong, Class of 2018 and 2021 men’s singles competition winner, retaining his championship from 2019.

HKU MBA: Congratulations William! You’re the men’s singles competition winner, again! How do you feel?

William Wong: I am really thrilled and excited to be a part of this game and so happy to be the champion. In fact, I believe we all are true champions and I am honoured to be a winner two years in a row.

HKU MBA: When did you start playing badminton and how do you train?

William Wong: I started playing badminton when I was at high school. I just enjoyed playing all sorts of sports and badminton is one sport I really enjoy today.

I try to exercise regularly and I play different games with my kid on the weekends. The true purpose of sport is to have fun, that’s how I motivate myself to play any sport.


HKU MBA: What badminton racquet are you currently using? Do you have any recommendations?

William Wong: I am currently using the Yonex Arcsaber series racquet. I cannot really make any recommendations as different features matter to different players, however my suggestion is to find the right grip size and the proper string tension that suits you the most.


HKU MBA: What’s the most difficult badminton skill to master?

William Wong: I think backhand smashes are by far the most difficult badminton skill to master given the body direction required when you hit the shuttlecock across the net. It is a very precise technique.

HKU MBA: What do you think beginners should learn first in badminton? And what would be your advice for a first time learner?

William Wong: I believe you should learn some basic footwork as it will give you good movement around the court, allowing you to cover most of the shots (such as smashing and the net play with your opponent). Always keep your racquet up and don’t forget to warm-up properly before you play.