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HKU MBA Students and Alumni Commentary

Sandhya Narayanan (Class of 2021)
Inclusion in the EdTech Landscape - An Insider's Perspective
Jose Manuel Rodriguez Moreno (Class of 2020)
"Mexicans are lazy; once it starts to rain a little bit, they stay at home and do absolutely nothing."
Minakshi Ghosh (Class of 2021)
The Rise of Neo/Challenger Banks, in the “Digital-First” Banking Era
Ying Wan (Class of 2005)
Culture and International Business Ethics
Teremoana Seguin (Class of 2022)
The Streaming Platform Boom
Sujin Choi (Class of 2020)
Facing new normal in Job Market - What we need to be aware of and prepare
Gloria Siu (Class of 2016)
COVID Impact on Hong Kong Real Estate
Vinod Shamdasani (Class of 2012)
Digital Transformation During a Pandemic
Boris Meyer (Class of 2022)
International Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Josie Yang (Class of 2015)
Fairness, Justice, and Global Trade in 2020