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HKU MBA Students and Alumni Commentary

Medha Agarwal (Class of 2021)
An integral part of Human Resources: Connecting with People
Sarah Atiq (Class of 2021)
What is Influencer Marketing: Marketing’s Next Big Trend
Naoko Takeshita (Class of 2021)
3 secrets to building self-discipline and excelling in life
Jack Shi (Class of 2021)
Business Culture - East vs West
Yeonjin Jennie PARK (Class of 2021)
Cosmetics Industry Outlook: Future of K-Beauty
Sakshi Gulati (Class of 2020)
To Be a Micromanager or to Be a Leader – A Choice Every Manager Has to Make!
Wonwoo Jang (Class of 2019)
Luxury after COVID-19: New trends that will reshape the industry
Karl Li (Class of 2019)
As an entrepreneur, what are the opportunities and challenges of starting a business in Hong Kong?
David Deka (Class of 2021)
Is your organisation ready to work with Millennials?
Tanuj Bathla (Class of 2017)
Will Ed-Tech continue to surge post pandemic?