Part-time MBA

Shahvir Carnac

Shahvir Carnac
Class of 2019
Hong Kong

Industry: Hospitality
Company: Sands China
Job Title: Director, Retail Strategy

Question 1 : What motivated you to choose HKU MBA amongst other business schools?

Shahvir: When I was deciding on a school for the MBA, HKU stood out not only because it was one of the best in Asia but also cause the program was not geared solely towards a specific industry such as finance. It has the flexibility of being able to tailor your MBA journey the way you deemed fit and select electives which could gear you towards a specific industry or give a well-rounded MBA experience


Question 2: What did you find most useful through-out your experience?

Shahvir: Through courses and networking events, you got to meet people from different backgrounds and different industries. Interactions with these fantastic individuals whether over a drink or in class helped open up different avenues of thought as everyone viewed a certain scenario using their experiences in life which deferred from one another


Question 3: A lot of MBA aspirants may be hesitant on the workload of both working full-time and studying, how did you manage your time to do both?

Shahvir: Time management, I could not emphasize enough the importance of planning and executing according to the plan laid out. It does take a toll balancing professional and student life but one thing I ensured to do is make time to have fun. Whether it is drinks with friends or a weekend hike for others, do not sacrifice your happiness for the education or work. It keeps you motivated to stick to your tasks and makes every very achievable.


Question 4: Are there any insights or work advice you can provide to our students who are looking to do a part-time MBA?

Shahvir: Go in with an open mind to learn and connect with others. Be a sponge and not a wall. If you go in with the ‘I know it all attitude’, it will be a waste of time. However, if you open your mind to other people’s thoughts, opinions and insights, you will learn more than you ever imagined possible.