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HKU MBA Female Leaders with Sassy Hong Kong

Thinking Of Getting Your MBA? Here’s Why You Should Consider HKU Business School

HKU MBA Female Leaders with Sassy Hong Kong

HKU MBA thrives on diversity and inclusion. We are proud to be a business school that fosters future female leaders with roughly 50% of our current class intakes from both programmes being female.

Sassy Hong Kong recently interviewed 3 of our female students/alumna to discuss their ambitions in pursuing an MBA and how HKU Business School is empowering them to become future change-makers in their industry.

Special thanks to our female leaders Naoko Takeshita, Molly Scott, and Aishwarya Kausstub for their contribution to this article.

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Discover how HKU Business School’s MBA programme fosters future female leaders.

Anyone who’s done their research would know that HKU Business School’s MBA Programme is a consistently top-ranking programme for business studies – not just in Hong Kong, but across Asia. But what makes the programme special is its ability to equip aspiring change makers and support both men and women to become leaders in the industry.

With the world of business being largely male-dominated, it’s important to have a learning environment that can mould aspiring female leaders to make it in the industry. To highlight how exactly the programme is fostering female leadership, we spoke to three female HKU Business School students and alumna about their experience studying the MBA and how the programme empowered them to become future change makers in their industry.

HKU Business School MBA Programme: Naoko Takeshita

Naoko Takeshita (pictured above) balances her life between working at a global financial firm and completing her part-time MBA Programme at HKU Business School. She was already familiar with the prestige of the programme, having met alumni who are successful in what they do. Working in a male-dominant environment, she found it refreshing that the gender ratio was more or less equal and that males and females were treated equally, too.

Molly Scott (pictured below, left), who joined the programme in September, previously worked in the FinTech industry. She was also pleased to find that 50% of her classmates were women. “It excites me to learn from other women in my class. We openly talk about the challenges that women face in the workplace, and share our lessons and plan to overcome these challenges in the future,” she said.

HKU Business School MBA Programme: Molly Scott & Aishwarya Kausstab

HKU Business School alumni Aishwarya Kausstub (pictured above, right) was more than pleased with the programme and felt very supported throughout her experience. She explained that there are several avenues to support female students, namely its Mentorship Programme, the Career Development and Training team and The Women in Leadership Club (of which she was Vice President of).

Having spent a few years working in finance, Aishwarya wanted to gain a broader perspective and learn from more experienced women leaders who had faced similar challenges and have successfully broken through barriers to get to the positions they’re in now. The Mentorship Programme led her to such women and taught her a great deal.

The MBA Programme also helped her to transition from Finance to Management Consulting which was a goal of hers going into the programme.”The MBA helped me gain a perspective of the market at large.”

With a diverse student body and organisations in place to support career development, HKU Business School is without question the place to be to advance in your field.