Part-time MBA

Matthew Heung

Matthew Heung
Class of 2020
Hong Kong

Industry: Banking
Company: HSBC
Job Title: Relationship Manager

If I had to summarise my HKU MBA experience in one sentence, I would use this Chinese proverb: A small spark can start a big fire. Not only does it refer to my passion for learning and academia, but it also relates well to my career and my understanding of the world.

HKU Business School provided a fantastic platform for us to learn and connect both online and offline. While I found the online resources extremely useful, I was most impressed by the opportunities they provided for me to seek advice and guidance from top managers at prominent companies like Hong Kong Jockey Club and Microsoft. Their inspiring advice sparked and fuelled my passion to keep on learning.

That same spark also ignited my career: As a wealth planner for HSBC who serves high-profile customers, the HKU MBA course equipped me with the skills I needed to be more efficient and effective in my day-to-day work. However, the most valuable takeaway for me is a better understanding of how customer business needs vary in different parts of the world. The course allowed me to understand their viewpoints and needs more thoroughly, and therefore connect with them on a deeper level. It rendered me a more professional, confident and dependable business partner for my clients.

I cannot put a price on the journey that the HKU MBA has provided for me. It has given me lifelong friends, a renewed passion for learning and a great many new opportunities at work. Most of all, it has given me a brand new understanding of myself as a person.